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Local Authority Home Care Being Further Reduced

The BBC’s Panorama programme revealed this week that a growing number of home care companies are handing back their local authority contracts. With the low rates that councils are providing more and more care companies are saying that they cannot afford to do council care contracts. By the time staff wages, travel expenses and insurance are taken into account many council care contracts are being run at a loss or at a breakeven point. As a result of the low rates councils are paying care companies can only just afford to pay the minimum wage for what is a skilled and demanding job. This is making it increasingly difficult to recruit suitable care workers.

As more and more care companies pull out of local authority contracts the amount and quality of the care that they provide is inevitably going to suffer. As a result more individuals and families are coming to rely on private care providers to get the quality of care that they want.


Why use a private home care company?

private home care visitHome care is simply providing care for adults in their own home. Many people who use home care are elderly and want to maintain their independence but need a little bit of extra help. However, a lot of disabled people also require home care as do some people who have recently been released from hospital.

Home care does not typically cover any kind of complex nursing but is more focussed on enabling independent living. Typical things that will be covered by home care include washing, dressing, cooking and cleaning. For people with limited mobility this often makes the difference between being at home or being in hospital. As well as the practical help that home care provides many people, and their families, feel more comfortable knowing that there is going to be regular visits to the home to check everything is OK. Some of the benefits of having private home care visits are:

  • You can pick how many visits you want and when you want them
  • You will be able to get regular visits from the same staff who know your needs
  • Visits will be less rushed than with local authority care so more time is dedicated to you
  • Family and friends often feel re-assured that you are getting regular visits
  • Support with daily tasks makes it easier to stay in your own home and maintain your independence
  • Having care available at home often allows hospital stays to be shorter
  • Live in care can be provided if it is needed


We are based in the Romford and Dagenham area and provide private home care visits across Essex. We are CQC accredited so we can also do home care assessments if you are not sure what you need. To find out more about private home care service we provide please give us a call on 020 3638 9523 or email info@savinglivesglobal.co.uk