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Home care visits being limited to 15 minutes

A new report by UNISON union has found that 65% of councils in England and Wales are commissioning home care visits for elderly and vulnerable people which last just 15 minutes. Nearly all home care visits paid for by local authorities are outsourced to private companies. The local authority will set a rate per visit and will determine the length of the visits in their contract. Local authorities across the UK are struggling to fund home care visits and they are being forced to cut back visits for many elderly and vulnerable people. By reducing the time allocated to each visit local authorities are trying to spread the little money they have to fund social care further.

Home care visits are often used to support elderly and vulnerable people to live independently in their own homes. Typical tasks a home care visitor will help with are washing and dressing, making sure that an individual is eating and drinking properly and that they have been taking their medication. As well as the practical help home care visits are often one of the only times elderly people see or speak to anyone during the week. Having a conversation with their care visitor and passing the time of day can be a big mental and emotional boost.

UNISON have made a new video to highlight how little care workers can get done in 15 minutes and to campaign for local authorities to allow care workers more time to do their jobs.

As the video points out most home care workers don’t want to rush their visits. They want to be able to give people proper care, to make sure they are looked after and to give them a friendly and reassuring service. As this is getting harder and harder to achieve on local authority budgets many elderly people and their families are now supplementing local authority care with private visits. By paying for a few extra private visits elderly people and their families can be sure that any gaps get filled and that there is time for a chat and a cup of tea alongside getting the essentials done.


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