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Care Home or Home Care in London – which is the best choice?

Choosing the right care

At Saving Lives Global, we provide expert care services to families and individuals across a wide range of settings, so we understand the difficult choices that are often faced by families when deciding on the right level and type of care for their loved ones.

As we get older, many of us find that we need some extra support and help with day to day tasks and there isn’t always a partner, relative or friend on hand to help us out. If activities such as cooking and cleaning, maintaining a healthy diet and general wellbeing become challenging, then the next step is often think about a residential Care Home. But is this always the best choice?


The pros and cons of care homes

When you are worried about the wellbeing of a family member, it can be tempting to make a quick decision that he or she will be ‘better off’ in a care home because of the consistent round the clock care and security that this option offers. You will know that your relative is likely to be kept safe, and that general housekeeping, cleaning, meals and activities are all taken care of. Care Homes also offer a sociable environment, and if older people feel lonely or isolated, there are opportunities for companionship at all times.

However, our homes are extremely important to us and are generally where we feel most happy, comfortable and secure, and these advantages can outweigh the residential care option. Some people also find the lack of privacy and reduced living space in a care home difficult to adapt to. Care homes are also the most expensive care option available and you could face very little choice if you have specific requirements or want to find the right home in a particular area.

Friendly and adaptable home care in London

The reality is that although it may at first seem difficult for some people to manage at home, your loved one may experience better general wellbeing if they can remain at home. A familiar environment where someone has all of their special things, home comforts and memories around them offers continuity and can promote mental wellbeing for older people who are infirm and/or experience dementia.

With the right levels of home care and access to support and companionship, individual needs can be managed well and being at home allows people to follow their own routines and live their lives how they choose – with no need to follow the rigid timetables that are enforced in a Care Home environment.

Daily support

With a clearly defined care plan and reliable, consistent and compassionate support, the reality is that home care is a suitable choice for people with a wide range of differing needs. Here at Saving Lives Global we provide reliable home care in London which is bespoke and adapted to every family and individual who we work with. We are very happy to recommend home care over a care home environment (for most individuals – dependent on professional medical advice) because we can vouch for the exceptionally high standards of care that we our trained professionals are able to provide.

Home care can range from a few hours a week to round the clock care, dependent on needs. Our experienced carers provide a range of services from day to day household tasks and companionship to medicine management and personal care. The service that we provide is on par with the high levels of care that you would expect your loved one to receive in a care home environment – whilst being delivered in the comfort and familiarity of the home environment.

Are you looking for professional home care in London?

If you are looking for highly professional, responsive and friendly care services in London – then get in touch with Saving Lives Global today.

We will work with you to create exactly the right home care service for you or your loved one – which allows you to remain in the comfort and security of your own home.