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Assessing eligibility for support with social care

If you think that you or a loved-one may need help with their social care, then there is a system in place which will support you through the process.

The responsibility for social care rests with individual local authorities but there is a nationwide framework to ensure that everyone who is eligible for care gets the support that they need.  Under the Care Act of 2014, every person who believes that they need some form of support or social care is entitled to an assessment by their local authority. The assessment can be arranged in a number of ways – you can be referred by your GP or social worker if you have one, or you can apply to your local authority – or council – directly yourself.

Assessment of Care Needs

The assessment normally involves completing a questionnaire followed by a more detailed assessment by either a social worker or appropriate medical professional who will carry out the assessment on your behalf.

The assessment will look at such aspects as:

  • Your needs and how these impact on your wellbeing – do you need support with everyday activities like eating, getting dressed or moving around?
  • Your circumstances – where you live and who you live with and whether someone currently cares for you – all of these aspects are taken into account to determine the type of support that you may need.
  • The outcomes that you as a person want from any support – for example, do you need support with daily tasks at home – or maybe you need assistance to get out and about and see other people?

Your local authority then has to decide if you are eligible for support. Eligibility is assessed against a national framework which has been published by the government and is designed to ensure that all eligible people are supported appropriately, regardless of where they live.

Your Support Plan

If you are eligible for support – your local authority will work with you to produce your personal Support Plan which will outline your support and how it will be provided. You will be given a personal budget for the amount of money that is calculated to cover your support. This money is spent in one of two ways.

  • Your local authority can pay for your services on your behalf.
  • You can receive a direct payment which means that the money is given to you to pay for your support yourself.

More information on the process and funding arrangements can be found on the Money Advice Service web site .

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